Tuesday, March 29, 2011,

I love you
i still do

You make me feel/think/care like crazy you know. I would wanna make up for my mistake. But i bet its too late now. Only god knows how i feel. ;'(

Nothing related to previous post. Hahahaaaa. Still ranting away like nobody's business. ;)

We don't talk no more. But you'll always be my 1st no matter what. I felt loved like nothing compared to others... commitment issues were the exact reason for everything. Egoistic/Foolish me. Not thinking bout you everyday is a TOTAL lie. Coz there's pieces of you lying around my bubble of comfort. Literally. Life happened but this bubbleofcomfort ain't changing/moving on. Those things will still be around till whatever drastic changes in my life should ever take place.

Wait! To much info! Hmms. i want a pet hamster and naming him hamtaro would be ideal. At least patrick will have a friend! LoL! Or else he'll be lying around in bed dozing off every single minute of the day! ;P

Im done ranting for tonight. Emotionally/physically drained. Grrrr. Tmr's gonna be a long day. God give me strength.
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