Friday, January 09, 2009,

went out wit mr paiseh pants on sat (3rd jan) went to watch bedtyme stry at ceineleisure orchard =] i lurve the show!!! hahahaaa.... its like sooooooooo farnie n cute =P oh wells, i lurve BUGSY. heheee.... mr paiseh pants gave mie a pink rose??? i think thts wat it is laaa... hahaa he shud have gotten mieee fake roses so tht i can kp them forever! heh. =D after the movie met nad n nas... =] we went to the tree wizard's exhibition... nice trees... its unique n interesting... he talked a lot bout wat he wants frm us... gd n great models... wow. pressure2... heh. nowadeas i've not been slping well lately... dng werk... alaaa.... tired man.




happie bdae ven!!!! =D

hope u have a long life n

may all ur wishes come true


the dae was great

spending ma tyme wit ma cliques....

later at nite we went playground n played games!!!

sudd, i feel soooo young again...

not saying im old or nithing but....

its nice to play childhood games


the bdae cake n food IS



todae, fri was gems presentation!!!


i think our grp did great!

but i like the magic show becoz of him in tht grp... =P


felicia, dun tell anione kay....




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