Friday, January 02, 2009,

itS a new year... wow! its like soooo fast!!! lemme c, started 2008 by waiting fer O's, joined millenia institute, entered POLY, made tons of new frens, great lecturer's, learnt tons of new things n met tht special someone. =]

31st jan- NAS bdae!!! fuuulaaamak. nak plan punyer laaa 'senang'... LOL. nas asyik diri jer... mcm maner org nak sign the ballons w/o being noticed!!??? LOL. oh wells, i still manage to get it done somehow! =D hahas... den the bdae cake part!!! i got tricked!!! i hit nas's eyes!! alamak!. den she revenge back!!! ma whole face was den filled with chocolate n cream cake! LOL. nas2... hahaa... glad u enjoyed it!!! =D
the pink toy is actually a penis. heh. anthony gave it to khalis i think fer a christmas pressie!!! LOL!!! ok2, after skool went to TAKASHIMAYA seoul garden wit andric, jenny, akif, fk n eleen. heh. we had a splendid tyme there. heh. =D i can t believe of all the ppl i had to see there was BEN. toooooo coincidental. hahahaaa.... tht bitch is alwaes everywhere. nxt thing i noe he's under ma blk waiting fer clients! hahahaaa.... no hard feelings ben. =P
went masjid at nite. =] we had a fun bonding session there. lol.going home tyme was THE best!!! lol. looking at jannah n husna playing the rubik's hahahaa.... common sense say's husna... the wind was so strong that nite! i wish i was spending ma new yr wit him. n i did somehow! lol.
we met around 12.15am hahaaa.... on webcam. =D
he was soooo sweet!!!
it kinda make miee tear.
touching laaa
even though it wasn't original the werds WERE
n it was soooo meaningful tht it really meant smt soooo deep tht i felt really touched. =]

Always remember,
No matter.....
how far we are.....
how different we maybe...
I'll always love you ...


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