Sunday, December 14, 2008,

oryte!!!! spend d dae wit BEN. geez tht bitch. oh wells.. his still ma fren... hahahaa... we're having a gathering some tyme tiz wk!!! yays!!! cnt wait laaa... i lurve mitting up wit them.. reminisce about our sec skool daes... =D ok met ben at frontier lib. n i tot we were to mit at JP. dotz. ben was like "far, dat was dumb!" i cnt hlp it ben.... im tOoo confiDent!! hahaaa.... we had fun gossiping n chatting!!! =D we went jurong point n chill... walk2 n we went to beetle bug!!! nice shoes fer guys!!! OMG. hahahaaa.... ben was tempted to buy but... he scared his mom wont let him oFF!!! hahaaa... its affordable laaa d shoe! 50% off!!! original price $99.90! sheesh. ben! no BALLS laaa u... well, he said he wanna go there 2mr... dunnoe how true. LOL. walked to bus stp near cuzzin's house.. ben was like BA-BA-RELLA... hahaaa.... stOop. dats dumb ben. but nvm, suit u. hahahaaa... no offence. =] okays.

ytd love n mie video kol!!! hahaaa nothing to doO. it was fun!!! hahaaa... =D

ouh yaaa!!! tv is officially here ytd afternn!!! =D SHARP AQUOS. =D 42"
1 month w/o tv u noe... amazingly i survived the ordeal... hahahaaaa......
now, mom wants to buy a bed n wadrobe fer mie... *wonders* since wen is she soooo nice to mieee???!!! hahahaaa... far2... oh wells.

twilight!!!! cmg sOOn!!! arghh....... i cnt wait!!! LOL. *jumps fer joy*

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