Friday, December 19, 2008,



wo chi kan twilight liao

hahahaaaa.... fancy mie saying it in 3 diff languages! LOL

oh wells the show was uber great... but lack somethings... nvm. nas WILL comment bout it since she takes up gems bout movie critic-ing. heh. i gv it 4 stars though... =D catch the 1st show at causeway pnt!!!! lol. sooo many gurls came to watch it! hahahaaa.... n tht someone was like "confirm all the gurls here come to watch twilight!" tsk. hahaaaa... actually its true. LOL. not many ppl uh... but after the show ended the ticket counter was DAMN packed!!! hahahaaa... well, we assume tht they wanted to watch it. heh. u guys shud catch it toO =]

went to jp(jurong point) wit tht someone after the movie. LOL. he felt like a tourist. hahahaaa... he liked jp. somehow i think. tht its bigger now. =] yea, i parted wit him around 5 to mit a cute guy! hahahaa a CC guy. LOL. tht seats at the counter serving ppl. heh. he's cute! i signed up fer some course... wont blurt it out juz yet. hahaaa... wait until i go thru it then i say... hahahas... =P

went to VIVO on TUES wit tht someone. aha. chill over there... =D there was tiz guy strumming his guitar! wow. free show fer us. =D his gd mind u! but, didn't manage 2 get his name... LOL!

ouh yaaa.. spend ma WED morning at IMM. LOL. hazrul wanted to mit up to use ma adobe photoshop. =) den haziQ came along... someone was late fer attachments... tsk2. had a great tyme wit those two monkeys.... heh. no offence. liana!!! where the hell r u!!!??? tsk2. M.I.A jer....

gd luck in getting the job at AUSSINO =D

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