Monday, November 24, 2008,

n far tot it was last fri. tsk2. hahahaaaaa. far2....

ok, lets recap. i had fun at GEMS!!! LOL. we plan to do this ettiqutte thingy... i tink its gonna turn out great uh... LOL. COZ! our grp 1st to present!!! hahaaaa... Wei Loon have LUCKY hands.... heh. after tht lepak jap wit nad n nas. b4 heading home. sOOOooo tired. i left ma fone in studio. OTW 2 GEMS class then i notice. MA GAWD. imagine!!! t5-t15-t5-t15 again!!! sheesh. now, tht i hate... but, i lurve tht fone no wae im gonna leave it aLL aLone in the cold. hahhaaa....

ok2, on SAT met up wit NAD. =] went to the lib at WOODLANDS. =) mitting love ltr... soO yaa. he got some mitting at RP. tsk2. ok2. back to NAD. we went to gardenning section n ended up at another section called landscapes??? hahaaa.... smt like tht. sOOoo yaaa. borrowed some books...

met love n off we went to SENGKANG. gd thing there was a direct bus!!! weeee~ n in d bus! omg. it was a non-stp journey u noe.... tsk2. i felt like puking! hahaaa.... but, nvm. ENDURE... lol. hmmmm... we went to eat at BANQUET b4 heading to SCULPTURE PARK. =] it was raining ltr!!! geezz.... but, nvm. at least got to see how it actually is... =] love was complaining tht it was his fault. c'mon. we couldn't predict the weather love... i dun blame u at all. but... since u wanna make it up to mie then.... ok laaa. i wait. hahahaaa... =P

we then made Our wae to DHOBY GHAUT. went to PS then to THE CATHAY... haha. 1st tyme there... LOL! it was nice. i like it there. gonna introduce to ma classmates!!! thts fer sure... haha!! skaLi they noe eh... hahaaa. paiseh lagi FAR... heh. parted wit love a bit early. coz there was nothing to do. hahaa.. soooO i ended up at aunts house. family gathering father's side. sOooo yaaa.

BBQ!!!! yums.... CHICKEN, CHEESE HOTDOGGIES & CHOCOLATE FONDUE!!! hahahaaa.... pics wit abg yan!!! damn. dunnoe how to gettit frm hiim. nvm. will figure Out a wae... =] ma cuzzie was back fer term break frm NZ. =] sOOoooo HAPPIE to see her!!!! =D she's dng great! gd fer her... =]

well........ todae was OMG!!!! coz akif summarised the WHOLE dae. hahahaaa. he FELL fer REAL todae!!!! hahahahaaa i laffed ma ASS off!!!! till ma face was RED. hahahaaaa. kif, kif... tu laaa lain kali jgn main kat tangga nyer railing eh. LOL!!!

finally!!! i get to read this book!!! hahahaaaa.... =D

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