Sunday, November 30, 2008,


OMG. the weather is really warm there... hahaaa... i cud feel the heat rising as i exited the car... went to hugg garnny nam. =] yays... 2 yrs nv see her.... =[ weLL, now i did... hahahaaa. OMG2!!! everybody at kampung were happie to c us.. =D yays!!!. hahahaa... lemme c, everything is everywhere... the tentage, the food n the tabbles n chair... lol. well, cnt blame them... heh. i missed everybody there... ma grand aunts n gran dads esp!!! geez... there were some cute kampung bois toO... hahahaa.... love, dun jelez eh... hahaa...

ok2.. parents were dead beat oreidi wen reaching kampung at 3pm. they went to take a nap while I on the other hand went around with ma kampung cuzzins to play!!! hahahaaa.... i ended up paying badminton fer 1 hour!!! lol. my hand still aches now. hahaaa.... i played against ma fav cuz, AfiQ. =D he is 1 craziee, insane, easy gng guy. 15yrs of age. lol. he keeps smashing the shuttlecock at mie.... hahaa. thankz... LOL.

at nite the bride had a photography session. it was kewl uh... the camera! but... not the clothes tht the bride use. geez. the colours are sOOooo over the top mismatched... ok2. i shall not get into further details. hahaaa. later we had this celebration called "BER-INAI". its interesting. in s'pore i dun tink sooo its done nimore... yaa...

after the celebration... i went to bathe n change into my slping clothes. i went out to the porch to read TWILIGHT. but then i saw ma another fav cuZZie!!! hhe juz came back frm werk. sheesh. i ended up nt reading n went up to hiim n his cliques which were made up of some of ma cuzzins. i hanged out with them till 5am!!! imagine tht!!! n i was the only gurL there... hahaa... the nite was dark n cool... the breeze was sea breeze i think. LOL. it was nice... staring at the stars n toking to them... i dun feel like slping at all!!! O.M.G. hahaa... we spend the tyme toking bout s'pore n wat its like to b living there, bout my life there n more ENG werds taught. wow.. i tot them abit of "interesting" ENG werds... hahaa... n they were like using it on mie in juz a shrt tyme. fast learners they are... LOL. ouh noO... i miss them oreidi... hahaa... 1 of the guys which was a distant cuzzin said i look cute n chinese!!! argh!!! hahhaaa bcoz of ma high cheekbones n dimples. lol. funnie laa he... they're aLL a great bunch of kids... im thankful fer having them around fer company... =D (i didn't take any fotos wit them...) they're cam shy.. hahaa... bdk2... =P


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