Tuesday, November 18, 2008,

im embracing it
geez... todae is like a GREAT DAE fer mie... c'mon u guys feel d sarcasm on the "great dae"??? well, it started out well.... im lurving ma daes as i strt by smsing mr happyface and ending ma dae by smsing hiim toO. =D
i lurve ma frens they're the energy pill fer miee... esp AKIF... hu goes to skool wit miee n nv fails to make miee laff in the bus otw to skool. heh. my gawd met a whole lot of them at lvl 1. hahhaaa CASS, NAD, NAS, AFIQA, GAGA, ANTONE'S N OTHERS... LOL. eat MC's!!! tak ajak eh korang... LOL. saw gaBe, he wore beige. =D alaaaa.... melt far. LOL.
well, during ensp i was noisy. u tell mie hu's not noisy during tht class. alamak. im not venting ma anger here but, but... she shud just ask the class to lower Our voices instead of miee ONLI... den go dragg Cass in asO. c'mon laa ah. if its miee oni ur targeting JUST TARGET MIE, NOT THE PEOPLE AROUND MIE. geez. well, im ok bout it. but i dunnoe whether things r gonna b the same again. i respected her man.... now, this happen. ya ya.... watever. gonna drp the subj n not gonna rake it up again. SONNY said, juz embrace it far, embrace.... LOL. true2. n im dng just dat. she wants attention ryte??? i'll just gv tht to her! i will TALK LESS n LAFF LESS in her class. 1hr oni. i wnt lose anything by NOT DOING THEM(laffing n toking). how bout tht. =] i think its a gd idea. hahahaaa.....
i lurve the lesson at ERCO!!!! it was AWESOME
NOEL was great
LOIUS was great toO
hahahaaaa... akif n i find NOEL has a great 'bodiee' hahahaaaa.... observant us. lol.
the talks helped miee found out the different effect a lighting cn make wen placed at a certain angle.... =D yays!!! i juz lurve tht fact. esp water lighting!!! which i got a free penciL fer asking tht ques. hahaaaa...
*i miss spending tyme wit fikri..... he's owaes not around. =[

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