Sunday, November 09, 2008,


tv's dwn n tht is sooOOoo not cooL laa. hope to buy a new tv set soOn. *cross fingers. i wanna watch house n all the other criminal shows!!! argh...

been bz in class. dng tons of drawing n slacking n dancing! LOL. wonder girls is soO cute laa... LOL. my dear little bro khalis intorduced it to miee... now! im hooked! LOL. GEMS was ok. the presentation went on smoothly. thank god. =] hmm.... ma grp members are great laa... thankful to have them. hahaa... we shud have a grp foto or smt. LOL. but 1 guy spoils the pic?? hahaa... evil far! he just toks alot of facts. i dun like. c'mon, joke around or smt dude! heh. ma grp members are felicia(hu agrees with mie), wei loon(the relaxed) & daniel(noe it aLL???) heh. =P

ok2, spend ma tyme at home during this wkends... i just wanna rest. ergh... a hectic week is gonna COME! darn. lol. mr HAPPYface called! lol. its been long since we talked... heh. we're mitting up tiz sat. wow! lol. cnt wait? hmm... lol. =D juz sae im looking forwerd to it...

NASUHA is gonna giv mie ma shoes tmr! weee~ cnt wait! shud i wear red bsk??? to complement ma new shoes?? hehee...

ouh yaa!!! ma ADIK a.k.a 7 inches dude birthdae is cmg soOn!!! thur u! hahaaa cnt wait to celebrate it laaa... =D

***losing a fren to far is a biig thing.
far never wants it to happen at aLL.

FAr RAMbLes oN & On at 6:24:00 PM