Saturday, November 15, 2008,

a dae with MR happyface. LOL. it was a great dae indeeD. his the opposite of mieee... like duh. hahahaa.... im the talkative 1 as owaes... far2... tsk. ouh yaa was sooo paiseh!!! a lot of tyme.... hahaaa noe y? coz i was ALWAYS confident. tsk. far with her over confident self. heh.

ok2. we went to watch MADAGASCAR 2 at MARINA!!! it was ok uh.... heart warming n humorous as ever!!! hahahaaaa.... i just LURVE the penguins!!! LOL. they're deceiving.... LOL. u guys shud catch it!!! =D met NAD. LOL. she was with her sec frens i think.... heh. after movie we went to VIVO! went to the roof top to chiLL. took pics n share stories... hahaa.... juz lurve the breeze there n juz spending ma nite tyme wit hiim.... =] hehee.... reached home around 11pm. ma bus was late. damn. hahaaa.... well, bout busses im really picky LuQ. juz lyke u being very indecisive. heh.

wen i was at the bus stp i saw this chi guy!!! OMG2 he was cute. hahahaaa. we were the only 2 living souls at the bus stp at dover. LOL. he wanted to take a taxi but the 1st taxi he flaged didn't want hiim. poor guy. thts wen he turned to look at mie n i smiled at him in a wae like 'i feel for u dude' =) yea, n he smiled back... n we kept smiling till he got into a taxi around 3mins later... hahhaaa.

next date will b at sculpture park... hahahaaa

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