Wednesday, October 01, 2008,

laungan takbir didengar dengan jelas pagi ini.

i strted ma dae with waking up with a tight n painful chest.
i was having difficulty in breathing.
thts a nice wae tO strt of hari raya.
i was crying n struggle to breathe at the same tyme.
i tot i was gng to pass out soon.
i rushed out to mom n she was veri concerned.
the look of panick and fear was veri clear on her face.

straight awae i was rushed to NUH.
A & E (accident n emergency).
i prayed to the ONE ABOVE constantly.
the taxi uncle was fast.
gd job.

at A & E.
i was greeted with ques.
well thts the procedure.
i juz had difficulty breathing n they want mie to tok.

i was rushed inside.
i was given oxygen through ma nose.
later they gave mie an air mask.
the liquid evaporated into a smoky effect.
well, now i noe how smokers feel.

doctors asked so many ques.
i just ans them.
but i oreidi noe wat triggered the asthma.
haiyaa shouldn't have cleaned too much ytd.

this is like my 1st asthma attack.
now i noe how asthmatic ppl feel.
well docs gave miee an inhaler.
he tot miee how to use it.
n he was sooo funny.
he made my dae.
now i have to bring it everywhere i go.

rested at home after discharged.
at nite then visited grandpaa.
i lurve hiim.
i value life.
i must takkaire of myself
100% now.

txz ben,jenny n nas fer the well wishes. n family members... =D

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