Monday, October 13, 2008,

2dae was great! missed sooo many peepz.. awww... weLL, it was great though having the class back. but! i'll b missing hiim. omg. dun rub it in ppl. i totally WILL mis hiim. damn. he was fun to be with n all... ergh.
we had our groups sorted.. i like my members...! i've never werked so closely with them b4.. n now is my chance to mingle!!! wohoO.... LOL. weLL2, i wish all the groups success!!! =D dun slack u slackers (DLA students) heee...
after skool i asked akif accompany mie buy more HEELS! LOL. n well, he did accompany mie with another 2 humans... LOL. NAS n NAD. N to the power of 2. N^2. heh. we ate at banquet then we shopped like mad. nah, we're still saint though after everything. LOL. nas n mie bought heels.... later nad, nas n mie bought clothes! OMG gurLs! hahaaaa... i was sooo beat out after everything... hahahaaa..... i cud see akif was tired too. heh. far! tak baik buLLy akif. LOL.

went out hari raya wit ma PRIMARY skool frens... ouh, how i miz them soooo much. =]

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