Sunday, September 14, 2008,


woken up by heavy rain!!! =[ but, didn't hinder miee from making ma wae to ECP(east coast park) LOL. met fik at chi garden. we chatted tiLL Bedok where we met the rest... MARILYN, GARY, ERIN, NAD, IFFA, ELEEN & KEVIN. =] upon reaching ECP we just stood there and here... hahaaa. nothin much to be done. the FUN hasn't strt yet! sheesh. soooo early. thus, we watched people compete in flower arrangements... =D it was beautifuL and unique. niceeee. far Loves looKing at them fLowers. after much boredoom mie and gary tot of playing the NEOS! ( u shud have seen it at eLLen degeneres show) it was FUn, chaLLenginG and CONfuSIng!!! LOL. gary got 2nd in the competition fer an ipod NANO!!! tooo bad laa onli the winner got it. haish. he had a tough competitor! named DErriCk. gEEz... after playing under the hawt SUN we went into the tentage again and watched an ending to a cLown show. hahaa... sEEms like onLi the SP people were the audience there! sheesh. ouh yaa! JEAN DANKER was there. we entertained her!! soo much fer us to keep our mouth shut. LOL. sooo we cheered wenever we can laff loudly wenever we could and clapped wenever someone needs to be encouraged. =D

thts the NEOS!!! =]

guest of honor was ms grace fu. wow. minister of state. ouh kayyy.... she gave a speech about the landscape industry! it seems i got maself into the ryte course!! =D trying hard to listen wat she was saying fer ma headache was getting its toLL on miee!! dammit. was smsing Mr happyface then. teLLing him ma situation. he was like, WOULD U KINDLY sit dwn & rest? which i was dng but the music was loud. and he said, WOULD YOU KINDLY close ur ears & ignore them? i realli2 am trying ma bez to do that, which i did. until... i cannot take it i went to a corner and vomitted like nobody's business!! shitz. ma head was also spinning non-stop. i felt sooo hawt all over. i hate feeling sick. sat dwn 1 corner and rested. Eleen was swit to actually cOOL miee wit her hands in a fanning manner. heh. txz guRL but i stpped her saying it wasn't necessary. =] i rested and rested till i was calm enuff. bt, head was still in a whirL. KeVin gave miee a SUNFLOWER! txz dude. Mr rahim took ALOT of flowers!!! he wants to open a staLL at BAZAAR GEYLANG. hahaaa. farnie laa tht lecturer!! =P

the sunflower. =]

nxt stp, city haLL. marina square. all thts left was mie, fik, andric, jenny, gary & Kevin. =] we all ate at burger king. we were there from 7.30pm till 9.30pm! 2hrs of eating and toking. DLa pEEpz LurVes to tOk! hahaaa... went home. bathe and waited fer hair to dry and off to LALA land i was. =D

i miss NASUHA, AINISAH AND AKIF. sooo long never c them. =[

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