Friday, September 12, 2008,

weLL, nothing much about todae... mr Happyface complains and is soo pesimistic about O's this yr... c'mOn dude i noe u'll succeed aLL u nid to do is concentrate and werk hard! its gonna pae off i teLL u... =D trust mie fer once. heh.

2 sngs are stuck in ma head!!! 1st-lady GAGA(just dance feat Colby & Akon) geez... of aLL the name??? GAGA???!!! LOL. the other soNg thts stuck in Ma head 2nd-pink(who knew).
1st song juz makes miee wanna dance n jump up n dwn non-stop like im on piLLs or something... hahahaaa... the 2nd song reminds miee of Life. anything can happen even though u thought it'd be forever its a Lie... weLL, moving on...

i murdered a Cicak. a house lizard!!! geez.... i didn't do on purpose ok mr happyface. sheesh. LOL. i juz lurve dng laundry... hahahaa u see the bubbles and the soapy texture there!!! sooo cute. LOL. ok2.

-GABE's there... hehee.... =P

FAr RAMbLes oN & On at 9:34:00 PM