Wednesday, September 10, 2008,

1stly! caRoL. lOOking thru thE HTML.
2ndLy! AisyAh. tRying Her beST toUNDErstand the PRObLem.
3RdLy! mR haPPyfaCe. feR encouraGING mie ALL the WAY to THe extenT of giVIng miE a cooKie. =]

and the most i should thank iS non-other then the person hu seats sooo near mie in claSS... GARY!!!! geEz... txz dude. hahahaaa... dun teLL ppl my mistake ok! LOL. =]

im thrU with thE dae nOw.... nytez werLd!!! =]

FAr RAMbLes oN & On at 11:49:00 PM