Wednesday, September 10, 2008,

i strted my dae at compass point there's CharLes & KeitH there!!! weeetz. but!! wen i reach there... guess wat! no C&K!!! shit2!!! wasted my trip there... den i went to PLAZA singapura... the variety there not much. thus, not in favour to buy. the sales person also not frenly... eergghhh... soO wat will far do!? go back to my roots... jp. GEEZ.... i could have juz bought the heels at jp from the strt... argh!!! pathetic. yeapz. thts far. hahahaz... damn.

my hEELs... =] yiPPie!!! LOL. coSt miE 4o bucks!!! =] im happie. thts a gd siGn. LOL.

ben went to the ZOO todae... kewl or wat!! with some other ex- fhss... didn't noe they had a thing fer animals... gd fer them!!! fhss ppl are GOOD pppl... LOL. i think thts wat my principal USE to sae... i think she even saes it now! GEEZ....

nxt week gng out with fikri n jenny... shopping!!! fik wanna get somthings... which probabbly wat i want to. lol. cnt wait fer nxt wk... yay! lol.

well, its fasting month... one dae im gng to break fast with DLA peepz, BLGPS peepz n ma buDDies... c how... soooo much tyme yet no one's setting a date. *wipes tears* far emo... LOL. okay im done. tired. went to sooo many places todae. effort wasted. heh.

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