Sunday, September 21, 2008,

i was scroLLing thru ma sec skool pics... awww... how i miz them all!!! esp ma cliques!!! damn. i hope we cud have a gathering again in OCT guys... =D *hint, hint. they were the ppl tht made ma entire sec skool life all worth it. =D aLL the stupid, fun, interesting, L.O.L things that we do... disturbing the teachers... gossiping bout them.... even calling them names.. eviL us. HAHAHAAAA i rmb 1 veri clearly... our Amaths/maths teacher tht we dread sooo much. we aLwaes put up a false front wen she's around. another teacher was chem/phy teacher!!! sheesh. tht one was hardcore 1st tyme teach us gone haywire. we are his Worst nitemare... tsk2... pity him. gd thing ben gave him strepsiLs fer teachers dae gift!!! hahaaa...

cam- sLutting in class was the best!!! esp wit BEN... he was alwaes up fer it... fer he tink he was sooo handsome n hawt... tsk2.. LOL!


FAr RAMbLes oN & On at 8:39:00 PM