Monday, September 29, 2008,

been bored, sick, sad, missing ppL, confused, happy & tired.
been slping late.
been reading thts y.

hari raya is coming.
i feel tht i have to atone fer my sins.
asking forgiveness from family, frens & the ONE ABOVE.

this yr, it seems many things have happen.
made too MaNY frens =] which i lurve n wiLL cherish.
made mistakes n wiLL try not to repeat it.
made miracles, which i noe is the doing from ABOVE. =)

life is short.
i miss them both alot.
now i have 1 left.
i muz cherish him.
my grandad.
tears of happiness n sadness will flow in memory of them both.
the tyme spent with them now doesn't seem enuff.
i shud have been selfish.
i shud have try to be around them alwaes.
but, i didn't.

now, i rmb them through memories n photos.
i hope they're somewhere happie.

may THE ONE ABOVE bless ma family.
may THE ONE ABOVE bless ma frens.
may THE ONE ABOVE bless me.


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